Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A beginning...

Every blog must begin somewhere.  I should know as I've begun two other blogs.  One is no longer in service, but still manages about 400-600 hits a month, and another I keep up with regularly.

This blog will be different from the others.  The others are focused on running, run coaching, health and nutrition.  This one will be about my writing.  What am I writing about now?  Well, I've been writing a bunch of different things.  Three children's books and a few short stories.  I have started three different novels.  Two are of the fantasy genre and the other is about my running and my comeback to running from hip and knee surgery.  Both surgeries were arthroscopic, but when one doctor tells you to never run again, nor ride a bike again, the comeback is pretty major.

The kids books.  I am in the process of searching for an illustrator for two of the three.  Two are with the same major characters and I plan on turning it into a series.  The other, I'm not so sure yet.  I am at a crossroads with what I want with it.

The fantasy books.  One I have about three chapters done.  I'm not sure if I want it to be a novel or a serial.  The other, I definitely want it to be a novel.

The short stories.  My short stories are suspense, thriller, mild horror type stories.  I'm not sure what I want with them.  I've been thinking about trying to get into the same genre literary magazines.  I've also thought about a book of short stories.

Like I said, this is just the beginning.  I've had nothing published yet.  But, that's just another few months away as I will be self publishing.

Do you self publish?  Have you had anything published?  What were your beginning experiences like?

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