Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One moving, another not, plus other random stuff :)

Are titles supposed to be short for blog posts?  Oh well.  I think my running blog has mostly shorter titles, but I really don't know...

Anyway, things are moving along with the children's book.  I got the story board from the illustrator the other day and things look great!  She's working on the larger sketches now and will hopefully have them next month!

As for the novella I was hoping to have done at the end of this month?  I've hit a blah spot that I couldn't get through.  It took me a while to figure out why.  I hit a spot where I couldn't write more about this part of a journey.  I mean I could, but it wouldn't be a good read.  So, I finally realized the other day that this whole chapter really should just be an extension of the chapter before that (face palm).  So, next time I open up that book in Scrivener, I'll be rearranging some things!

Our cat has his litter box in our basement.  We live in a hundred+ year old stone house.  The basement is totally unfinishable and is basically for storage and my bike stuff (road racing/ tri though I do neither now).  Our cat is a bit odd (important for this story).  After he poops down there (I wish we could teach him to light a match) he comes flying up the stairs and bolts through the cat door I installed after we got him.  He then continues this mad dash around the house until he, eventually, comes to a stop, wild eyed and, in his own little cat way, panting.  The other night it hit me: there's a story in this somewhere.  And?  I figured one out.  I'm going to turn it in to a horror story about how...ok, I'm not going to divulge just yet.

Random thought: I need a weekend away where I can just sit and type!  I want to work on the above story, but need to finish the novella first.  Plus I have another fantasy adventure I'm excited about that I started over the summer.

Help!  I'm writing ADD!!

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