Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coming along

"Coming along"
That pretty much sums up everything I've been writing.

Coming along, but not done yet.  My fantasy novella has been coming along for a while.  I really thought I'd be done it by now, but I stalled on it in October and it's carried over into November.

My book on my running life is stalled because, well, my running has stalled (stinkin' knee, still).  Anyway, that book really can't get moving until I reach a couple major goals.  I'm caught up with it.  I'm just waiting for my running.

I have an idea for a novel/ novella/ serial, but am waiting until the fantasy novel is done.  I also started another fantasy novel a couple months ago.  I stopped working on it after writing an outline until I'm done the aforementioned novella.

My first children's book is coming along very nicely!  My illustrator has been hard at work, and her work is truly phenomenal!!  Next up will be the large sketches!!  I'm so freaking excited!!

Now to just get my butt moving on that novella...

I've been reading 'On Writing' by Stephen King...maybe that'll help?

What do you do to get out of writer's block?  Me?  I plan on just writing some stuff down...

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