Sunday, November 24, 2013

Editing your work

I just finished a novella, which I've tentatively titled 'The Incidental Hero'.  I started working on it over the summer, but once school restarted I didn't take as much time to continue working on it.  I was into it and happy with the direction it was heading.  I slowed up in late August, but took off again in September and wrote the story regularly.  I took a back step in October (my main focus went to children's books), but came back in November and finished it.

I was slow in continuing it because I was having trouble finding the words for a couple chapters.  That's when I realized, there were no more words for them :)

So, I finished some sections and chapters and voila!  I'm done!

Now it's time to edit...

I don't have anyone to edit it, yet.  Even if I did, I'd be editing on my own anyway.  That process begins today.  I was going to start earlier, but I've found other stuff, including this post, a scheduled post for December 2nd, and two scheduled Facebook posts for my kids book.

So, I guess I'll do the right thing and end this post now and start editing...or listen to Self Publishing Podcast again as I haven't really been paying attention to it...

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