Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fighting in a fantasy world

I love writing fantasy.  The more I write, the better I feel I'm getting.  I love the fight scenes, the weapons, writing in old monsters and creating new foes for the good guys to fight against.  I'm taking a break right now from the second episode in the Demon Hunter serial.  The first episode, Why He Runs From the Basement, has been up on Amazon for the Kindle for a few weeks, and has sold more than a dozen copies already (Thank you!  Please don't forget to leave a review!!).  It does have a four out of five star rating, but then that was just one review :)

Anyway, back to the fight scenes.  I love fight scenes in fantasy novels.  I think it comes from my Dungeons and Dragons playing days and from the similarly styled video games I've loved to play.  I'm reading a fantasy trilogy right now called the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks.  I know I'm only a few chapters in, but there haven't been any big, epic fight scenes yet.  There have been some minor ones, though.  Well, they've been more once sided and quick rather than fights.

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I guess that's what makes it an 'epic' novel and a trilogy.  Building that background, getting to know, and in some cases, hate, the different characters.  Learning about what makes them tick, what drives them.  Something that I don't quite yet have the patience for, but eventually will, with time...maybe.

I love writing the action scenes.  Like I said, I'm working on the second episode of the Demon Hunter serial.  My goal is to have it be about 25,000 words.  As of now, I'm at about 5,500.  25,000 seems to be what I'm going to shoot for with each of the serials I'm going to write.  I'm hoping for about 3-5 episodes for the Demon Hunter series.  I do have ideas for another already in the works-okay, I only have a couple thousand words and a long outline, and it's been five months since I looked at it, but it is 'in the works'.   Funny thing, when I started that story line, I titled the file 'Epic' thinking I might be able to write it as a 150,000 to 200,000 word stand alone epic fantasy novel.  Do I still think I can?  Yes.  Do I really want to?  No.  I can't edit/revise/rewrite/edit/etc. something like that on my own.  So, 25,000+ word episodes for a new serial is what it will probably end up being.


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