Thursday, February 13, 2014

First proof is in!!

Woohoo!  The proof from Amazon arrived the other day.  And?  It was AWESOME!  The colors were amazing!!
My awesome wife :)

My son reading it
There were a couple things that I wanted to change, so it's currently under review again.  After that?  Ordering another proof, then onto Amazon!!

Right now, though, it is up for eBook PRESALE on Smashwords.   You can get it in a variety of eBook formats and it will be electronically delivered on March 1st- or earlier if I make it earlier :)


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    1. Thanks! The files are still in review. Hopefully I'll be able to order it later today! I've got nothing else to do but shovel :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Deb! No running for me yet. Just shoveling and waiting for the redone files to pass the review stage!!

  3. That is awesome! How does it feel to be a published author?

    1. It feeeeeels aaawwwwwweeeesssssoooommmmmmeeee!!!!