Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Thank you!!

Thank you all sooo much for making this first week (plus a few days) so successful!  I never expected to sell this many books this quickly!  You may have already seen a couple pictures floating around of the two shipments we got in and we're expecting another big one to help fulfill the requests for The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly!
This is the smaller of the two
On the FaceBook page I've posted some pictures of young fans with their copy and I am in awe about how much this book is being loved.

Not only have we been selling the book from our house, it has been selling on Amazon as well!  If you haven't yet, could you take a couple minutes to head over and leave a review?  It will help Jennifer and I out so much!

For those of you who ordered from us, or are waiting for your copy to review, thank you for your patience!  We will get them to you :)  I promise!!

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