Sunday, March 2, 2014

Promoting yourself

Being a self-published writer, I am solely responsible for marketing my book.  They include, but are not limited to:

1. Facebook: You need something besides your own personal profile, whether it's for a book, character, series and/ or author page.

2. Twitter: I'm failing in this department.  I piggybacked on my own running account (my only one) and now use it for everything!  If you have one, branch out- create an author one and if you have a series you love, why not create one for that!  But, beware the time suck...

3. instagram: Again, I piggyback off of my running instagram.  I may need to create an author profile, or maybe watch the language on what I repost- I do love the HTFU brand!

4. Pinterest: And, again, this was created for my athletic endeavors, but it's easy to create multiple boards for multiple topics, books, characters, etc.  This is a great way to get images out to many people!

5. linkdin: Yet another way to branch out in social networking!  Having that, yet again, running account set-up/ head start really helps.  This is another way to get your name out to many people with minimal work.

Those are the social networks!  5 easy ways to reach many people!!  You just have to manage your time properly.  Take a few minutes each day to do the rundown for the main one or two you want to focus on, but take a few minutes each week for the others.

6. Bookstores: Head to your bookstores!  Check out any and all local, independent bookstores- used and new- and talk with them about your book and how to get it into their store.  Do some research first- they may have info on-line.  Check for and ask about author days and the possibilities of readings and signings.

7. Libraries: This is another great resource!  Stop in with your book to the local libraries.  Being an author, you have (I really hope!) been spending time at your local libraries reading and writing!  Talk with the librarians about having an author day, signing, etc.  Let them know you're willing to donate a portion of the proceeds to them.  Many libraries have had their budgets cut significantly.

8. School and daycares: Here's another great resource.  Contact schools around you about author days, in school author readings, and even donating books to classrooms/libraries to get your book on more eyes.  For me, being a teacher and having many teacher friends has been a huge help (thank peeps!!).  Don't stop at the end of the school year either!  Ask daycares, summer camps, too!!

9. Local papers: Having an event?  Contact your local papers!  You never know- they may be willing to promote it or even stop at the event!  Especially if you can get a day with a couple other authors in one place at one time :)

10.  Web sites:  Create a web site!  If you haven't already, do it now!  I have mine right here, along with a running one (though I've been on the shelf for 6 of the past 12 months...) and I promote a bit on there as well as, obviously, on here.

So, indies and other professionals, what are some ways you promote yourself and your work?  Did I miss anything??

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