Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Where do you write?

Well?  Where do you write?

Me?  That depends...

On the computer, I write either at my "desk", a converted kitchen table, or right where I am now, on the couch.

In a journal, I will write anywhere- the floor, coffee shops, anywhere I bring it, but those are my two favorites with a journal.

I love writing in a journal, but I don't enjoy trying to read my own writing retyping it onto my computer.

When I first started writing, I hated using word and wrote solely in a journal.  Once in a while I'd write something on word, but not often at all.  Then, along came this miraculous writing program called Scrivener!  Since I discovered Scrivener, I have really enjoyed writing on my computer.  But, still not as much as in a journal.

My desk, as much as I enjoy having a space for my writing, has some drawback.  First, it's in the kitchen.  It's high traffic: it's right next to the main door leading in and out of our house, right near the bathroom, and, sometimes, people (two little ones...) tend to leave stuff on it- though not as much as in the past.  Being in a high traffic area at times can be a little distracting for me.  Especially when they talk to me :)

Other drawback: Old plastic containers for storage/cubbies.  I love natural wood and would love to have a 'real' desk someday.  Plus, where the desk is, I want to turn that part of the kitchen into a mini cafe.  We loves us some coffee in this house!  I'm not sure if my wife likes the idea, but ttthhhhppppttttt (just don't tell her I said that).

So, back to my original question, Where do you love to write?


  1. I live with my parents, so my bedroom is my office. It's cramped in here, but I just laugh and call it my Batcave. I have my little corner where my desk/computer are, and it makes me happy to sit here by the window.

  2. Batcave? Meg in the Batmobile :) Happiness is what counts!!