Saturday, April 26, 2014

A new writing space

I've finally grown up.  I'm no longer at the kitchen table or the couch or the floor...though I still will use them.  I know have a real desk!  It's my first in years!!!!  It's a perfect sized desk in the corner, by a window, in my wife's office!
Aren't we cute?  Of course, I wish I had a huge flat screen monitor like Jane.  I think it's 26"  But then, she really needs it for her photography.

But look!  We actually work, too!
Or at least pretend to.
I've been in an energy slump with lack of sleep for a couple reasons.  Stress level is high.  I haven't written much the past few weeks as a result.  I wrote a couple hundred words the other night, but things just didn't flow and I have a feeling I'll be deleting those words when I get back at that novel.

That's it for now :)  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Fabtastic Day

Yesterday was the first day in who knows how long our family had nothing on its agenda other than to enjoy seize the day.  We had a loose "plan" of what we wanted to do, but didn't care when it happened.  Here's how our relaxing family day went:

We started off with a post office run and to get new cleats for the kids at Geist Sports in Topton, PA.  Soccer for Maddie and baseball for Connor.  It might be Connor's last pair as he is beginning to lose interest in baseball.  Maddie?  It's only begun, we think.  She's tiny but mighty and fearless in goal.  I haven't seen many other goalies at Maddie's level (U9) that stand in goal without flinching as a shot gets lined right at her from about five feet away.  After that we stopped in at Sleeping Dog Pro Cycles right next door.  My son drooled over the cyclocross bikes.  That's the net bike he wants after he outgrows his mountain bike. He did a race last fall where he finished 5th and loved it!  Me?  I drooled over the road and tri/TT bikes.  I gotta get back out.  My wife did say I can get a new bike if I get out and ride again.  Considering that I've run around twice in the past week and paid for it the next day with pain in my knee all day, I need to.

After that we had lunch at home and then were off to the coffee shop, Global Libations in Kutztown, PA.  This was what I was looking forward to.  This was our "Creation Time."  Maddie brought a couple books and also spent some time sketching.  Connor brought legos for building, but also sketched out what he wanted to build.  Jane and I both spent time reading and writing.  I think we were there for about two hours or so.

Next up was walking around Main Street in Kutztown.  We saw a B&B that was up for sale and we decided that, if we could afford it, we'd buy it.  $1.3 million.  We walked around Firefly bookstore.  Well, Jane, Connor and I did.  Maddie found a book and plopped down on a bean bag chair.  Next up was an art gallery and then a pretzel shop.

From there, we went to Kutztown Park and the kids spent a couple hours getting some daily exercise/fun in :)  Jane and I?  I sat and read, and read.  Jane did as well but also spent time taking shots with her polaroid in color and B&W.  Then it was off to home to sit around and do nothing but enjoy each other's company.

I loved having this day and can't wait for the next one!!
My view at the park