Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Writing Quote

If you've read my running blog, Running Moose, you know I love good quotes.  This one popped up on the 12x12 forum.
Something that I'm actively working on, and always will when writing and editing, is to show, not tell.  This quote is a perfect reminder of that.  I may make this my background, but I do love the dragon/ warrior background I have now.

What is "Show, don't tell"?  Well, it's demonstrated perfectly in the quote.

Instead of writing, "It's raining" you might write, "Drops of water poured from the sky, pelting our bodies and soaking our clothes."

Why is it important to show not tell?  It helps create a feeling of what's going on in the story.  Showing in your writing makes your writing more powerful and draws the reader in.  It also just sounds better.

Do you have a favorite writing quote?  Or a great quote about books?  Share!!

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