Sunday, July 13, 2014

Writer's (Un)Retreat!

I've been wanting to go away to write.  I checked cabins at state parks here in PA, but I'd have to rent for the whole week and it was more than I wanted to spend.  I toyed with the idea of tent camping, which I've done in the past for 4-6 day long hiking trips, but not what I want for writing.

Then, I found the Highlights Foundation UnWorkshop.  Why the 'Un'?  Well, there are no classes, seminars or any sort of structure what so ever.  This is just perfect for what I want.  The only problem was wondering what the cost was.  What I read about first made me think 'No way, too much'.  Here's what you get.  You get to choose any dates you want to stay during a 10 day period.  A modern cabin with all the modern conveniences (electric, heat, stove, bed, desk, kitchen, coffee pot, full bathroom, etc) to yourself.  I read someones review of their stay last summer (with pics) and it looked awesome!  They also cook 3 meals a day for you, you get use of the main building that has wifi, extra computers and printers.  They also mention that an editor may stop in as well.  You can eat with others or by yourself.  The meals are included in the cost.  Get the picture?  I'm figuring it's a lot per night.  But, it's not!  You get all that for $99 a night!

I signed up for 4 days/ three nights the week before school starts.  My main focus is going to be working on a fantasy novel I started in the late winter/ early spring (I forget exactly when).  The Highlights Foundation has these Unworkshops in August, October, November and December.  You'd have to check their site for the exact dates.  

If you're looking for more structure, they do have many other retreats available for a variety of topics.

Have you ever gone on a Writer's Retreat?  How was it?


  1. That sounds amazing! I hope you find the time to be productive!

    1. I know I will! I'm quite geekily excited about it!