Friday, August 1, 2014

A Bookstore Reading

Thanks to Kit of The Towne Book Center and Cafe in Collegeville, PA I had my very first bookstore appearance!

The book store has been a favorite of mine since it was in Trappe, PA, as it was one I'd head to once a year for books for my classroom.  I know it's also a favorite of my students, past and present, as well as many teachers and parents.  They have an amazing selection and an amazing staff (plus some fabulous coffee).

This being my first appearance as an author at the book store, or ANY bookstore for that matter, I was quite nervous- more than I thought I would be!  I had it planned out in my head what I wanted to talk with the kids about before, during and after the story, but even with that, I was nervous.  Kinda like I am on the very first day of school every year.

I delivered my books to sell (I sold three to parents and a fourth to a teacher friend who happened to stop in specifically for my book- she had no idea I was there!), and to leave (they kept 15- they've sold 17 total there!!), and also some bookmarks.

I then checked out the coloring sheets the amazing Jennifer Frith made for the event...

I found my nice, comfy spot...

And began reading to the kids...

And afterwards, I autographed a few copies for some very happy kids...

I had an absolute blast reading to the kids!  They had some great questions and were amazing listeners!

If you'd be interested in having me come to your bookstore, please contact me at erik (at) erikammon (dot) com!

Note: All photos were taken by my amazingly talented wife, photographer extraordinaire, Jane Ammon!


  1. These pictures are great! Congrats on a successful signing!

    1. Thank Linnea! I really had a great time! I'll pass on the picture comment to Jane :)

  2. That's an exciting first book store reading. :)

    1. Thanks Julie! I was really happy with how well it went.