Thursday, August 28, 2014

A new creative outlet

I believe it is beneficial to our souls, to our human side, to engage in creativity.  Writing has been that creative outlet for me.  Once in a while I'd dabble in some rudimentary sketch: a tree, a sword, an axe- nothing major.

I've been longing for more.  I tried to sketch a dragon from a 'How To' youtube video.  My dragon was ok, which is what I expected.  But then I tried to use water colors to paint it...WRONG.  So, I gave up the idea of sketching.  I was frustrated.

Maybe I just needed time.  About six weeks later (now last week) we, my wife, kids and I, were at the Firefly Bookstore in Kutztown, each of us looking for a book to read.  I found one, used, that I read in middle school or high school that I've been wanting to read again.

While waiting for the others, I was perusing a craft/skills aisle hoping to find a book on writing when my eye crossed something...a beginners guide to sketching fantasy art.

It spoke to me...can you hear it?   'Take me home with you...'

There it was!  I heard it loud and clear.  I put the other book'll be there for another time, or to get from the library, but I did not pass up on the voice aka: my creative outlet.

After getting home, I quickly got my sketch pad (that I used for a couple sketches and a bunch of writing) and began work on a barbarian:
Not quite the beginning, but close

Darken some important lines-umm...kinda made the head pointy...

Add some details, erase some unneeded lines to neaten it up...and round the head :)

And the final result!  My first real attempt at a drawing!!

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