Friday, September 5, 2014

End of August Writing Report

I thought it would be a neat way to keep track (for me) of my writing over the course of a year (well, the rest of it anyway...and into the future) by doing end of the month writing reports.  Words will not be exact, but I can add in about what I worked on.  So, here goes!

I wrote three manuscripts: 2 picture book, 1 chapter book
I wrote about 3500 words for an adult urban fantasy (for Part 2 of the Demon Hunter Series)
I wrote about 11,500 words total (my goal was 15k).
I also came up with an idea for a non-fiction picture book.

I was hoping to hit 15,000 words for the month, and most of them in the epic fantasy novel I'm working on, but I ended up not touching that book at all.

I also wanted to hit 3 manuscripts for children's books as well, and I hit that!!

The kid's chapter book manuscript was an early reader MS I wrote a while back, but never really liked.  I loved the idea of the story, but the 2,000 or so words were not enough to tell the story how I wanted it.  After a dinner with some fellow writers, I felt inspired to change it.  I did some research on a locale in Mississippi, added more action and narrative, and voila!  A nearly 9,000 word chapter book manuscript!

I felt like it was a productive month.  i didn't hit goals, in terms of numbers, but I love the words that I created!!

How about you?  What creative goals did you hit this month?

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