Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meeting tonight for The Lost Squirrel!

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I'm really excited to be meeting with Jennifer Frith tonight.  We're going to be going over the sketches for The Lost Squirrel, the second book in the early reader series The Adventures of Kona and His Friends.  I have the story ready in the same font and size the first book, The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly, is in, cut up and ready to be matched up.  Plus a second copy for notes- gotta be prepared!

We'll discuss the location of the text within the images and any possible changes, if necessary- which I doubt!  Of course I'll take some pictures, too, and post them here, the FB page and twitter (@RunningMoose13).  I'll definitely be enjoying a great coffee from The Towne Book Center and Cafe, too.  They rock-note to self...I need to RSVP while there for Monday night- they have R.A. Salvatore coming!!

When I first decided to self-publish The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly, I never imagined it would lead me down the path of writing as it has.  I thought I'd be writing and self publishing epic fantasies.  Instead, I've fallen in love with writing children's book.  This past year I've written over a dozen manuscripts.  The MSs are in various states of editing, from first draft, to polished and "completed".  My writing has come a long way, and I'm hoping to land an agent soon!

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