Sunday, September 28, 2014

Writing exercise: The Cat

Photo by Erik Ammon
Our cat, Kona.
Writing exercises.  I thought I'd give one a shot.  I didn't find this exercise anywhere, I just made it up.  It's not long, really just another way to to work at my writing.  I decided to take a picture of our cat, Kona, and write about it- the photo, not the cat.  Though, when he softens our laps to sit, it does seem like he's looking for a weak spot.  Anyhow, here's what I wrote (short, but what I wanted):

The cat sleeps now.  Sitting up, semi curled tail wrapped around his legs, his side rises and dips as his lungs fill and empty.  His fur glistens in the sun, making it look blacker than black.  Soft, warm, furry, the cat sleeps in my wife’s equally black chair, shedding his mark on her seat.  He twitches, moves and resettles without opening his eyes.  Now, completely curled, his white claws extend, just enough to let you know he has the capability to rip you to shreds if he wanted to.
Is he truly asleep or biding his time to strike?  One never knows with the feline persuasion.

What else would you add?  Leave it in a comment!

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