Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Ready For PiBoIdMo!

I wanted to prepare myself for the onslaught of ideas that'll be running through my head...I hope...during PiBoIdMo in November.  I love using Scrivener, so I decided I would set it up for the month.  I took screen shots along the way to show you what I plan on doing.  If you use Scrivener, I hope you find it helpful!

1: I opened up my trusty Scrivener and selected a new fiction novel file:

2: You now have a new novel ready to change to your tastes.  I named the overall PiBoIdMo14 to keep it separate from all the other PiBoIdMos I plan on doing over the years to come (this year is my first!!).  On the right, I have the Status bar open, but I ended up changing nothing from it.  For the Label menu, I will have everything set-up as an Idea, but will also change the status of each idea as they get turned into the various stages of picture book manuscripts.
    On the left, I removed 'Novel Format', 'Chapter' folder, 'Characters', 'Places', 'Front Matter', but kept the 'Template Sheets' in case I wanted to use them to help develop any characters.

3: I then changed 'Manuscript' (on the left menu) to PiBoIdMo14 and added ten new documents which I then labeled as Idea 1 through Idea 10.  I also changed the Label on the right for each to Idea.

4: Next up was adding the basic outline for my ideas that I try to follow to each notecard.

5: From there, I will fill in the notecards for each Idea as I go (please note the story listed is not based on a true story...except that when my wife goes away, I love to torture her by using her favorite mug- a Thumper mug- and texting her the picture).

6: Then, when I click on Idea 1 (or whichever card it is on) I will begin the manuscript.  On the right side I will be able to see the noted from the notecard for that idea.  I'll also change the title of the card from Idea 1 to a possible title for the story.

7: This has nothing to do with Scrivener, but I also will be carrying a pocket sized writing journal with me to jot notes in during the month.  I usually don't carry it with me (except in my messenger bag to work), but I probably will this month.  If something comes up when I don't have it, I'll type something into my phone, or record a video of myself talking about my idea.

That's it!  That's what I plan on doing.  I hope you found it helpful- even if it's just one thing from the overall process I plan on using this year!

Happy Writing!