Thursday, October 9, 2014

Part of my writing process

I've been thinking more and more about my writing process.  I've gone through different processes for different manuscripts and for different types of books (kid vs. adult).  This post will focus on how I wrote a couple of my picture book manuscripts (PB MS).  The images you see below are from a few different kid's stories.
An idea, turns into notes/ beats (even a bad drawing to inspire you) 
Fro there, turn the notes into a manuscript
Then, type onto your computer- I love Scrivener!!!
Next? After editing on the computer, print and edit/ revise more.

After the last image, I just make the changes in Scrivener.  Does that mean it's done?  No, not quite.  I go over some stories several times.  I also send them out to a critique group and also on-line (well, that group you only send the first 250 words- you're on your own for the rest!).

That's my basic writing process!  Hopefully I'll get picked up soon and be able to share this (or something like it ) with schools and libraries, too!!  Well, other than my own :)

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