Saturday, November 29, 2014

A sale on The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly!

Even more than a sale, but a permanent price decrease when you purchase the book through me. Unfortunately, the price on-line, and in book stores, will remain the same as the retailers need their percent of the cover price.
So, what's the deal?  Well, let's get through a couple images of the story first, in case you've never seen it before:

The cover

An awesome 'This book belongs to:' page

Title page even has a cute sleeping Kona

Uh-oh!  My friends are in trouble!

The end and a gorgeous sunset!
How could you turn down such awesomeness???

The original price was $9.99, but then I was able to cut it down to $8.99, after switching printers, for the in store price.  Recently I offered it for $6.99 through me.  Now?  Well, let's say I'm cutting that price down even more.

The new price?

$4.99 plus $2.00 shipping!

So, now is the perfect time to order a copy for friends and family!

Send me an e-mail at:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oscar and Kona, a sneak peak!

The always amazing Jennifer Frith sent me an image the other day to share with you all.

Here's Kona, working on digging a temporary home for Oscar.  Why temporary?  Well, you'll have to wait and see, err, read, when the book comes out.

I hope you enjoyed the brief sneak peak!

To get more, head over to:

The Adventures of Kona and His Friends on Facebook and like the page and to

Art By Jennifer Frith on Facebook and like her page, too!!

Please share away!

I will be posting details about an amazing deal on The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly on Small Business Saturday!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I have 30!

Woohoo!  Just a quick PiBoIdMo update because I know you've all been hanging by the seat of your pants.  I have thirty picture book manuscripts done as of today!!  I came up with eight more over the weekend while at a casino.  Yes, a casino.  No ideas while playing the penny slots, but after that, after washing off the stank of smoke (and I was only in it for 45 minutes!!), I perused some writer web sites, and an art site.  It didn't take that long either.

So, now, I have another week to come up with the 10-15 more I was hoping for to get in the 40-45 range.

How are your ideas coming along?  How many do you have?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

PiBoIdMo ideas coming slowly, but they're coming.

Hey All!

Coming up with a slew of ideas has been challenging.  I seem to get a couple every couple days, or one a day for a couple days in a row.  I really thought I'd have more by now.  It's November 16th and I have 17 ideas.  The challenge is to get 30 ideas in 30 days, but that's not enough for me.  I want more.  I am a bit competitive.  I want to feel like I WON PiBoIdMo, not just completed it.  No official stats are kept, just whether you completed it nor not, but completing isn't good enough for me.  I need to crush it.

So, what do I need to do?  I need to observe more.  I need to write down any little thought that might be helpful and might lead to a legitimate idea.  Just a name, a location, or a funny anecdote aren't good enough for me to be considered an idea.  This is what I need to fill out fully for it to be a legitimate idea (in my mind at least):

You may recognize this from here.
I have 30 set-up as my file in Scrivener, and 18 filled in (yes, I did have an idea pop up while typing this post!).  What do I consider a win?  Hmmm...40? 50?  Yeah, around there.  40-50 would be great for me.

But what would I consider a real win in PiBoIdMo?  Having 1 be considered a win by an agent and publisher.   That would be a true win.

How are you doing in PiBoIdMo?  Are you winning?  Got any tips?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Next Adventure of Kona and His Friends is Moving Along!

The amazingly talented Jennifer Frith has been working hard on the illustrations for The Lost Squirrel, the next book in The Adventures of Kona and his Friends series.  She sent me this illustration earlier today:
Bella in flight
I am continuously awestruck with Jennifer's talent.  She is somehow able to put into water color how I envision the story unfolding.  In this scene, Bella is flying over the forest where Oscar's home was cut down.

I was also sent this image recently from the mom of a new fan:
Loving The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly
And here's what Mom had to say:
"So, wanted to give you some great feedback on your amazing book! He absolutely LOVES it. We read it together the first time (he read it to me and we discussed it as we went along). He said after the first few pages "This seems like it will be a sad book!" and then as we went along we talked about their friendship and why he was feeling the way he was. Then, he got so excited about how he was able to help his friends escape. We talked about the moral of the story and he totally got it the first time! And, he loved the illustrations and was thrilled to write his name on the first page in the oval. I saw him pick up the book several times over the next few days happily reading along and even wanted his big sisters to take a look. I am so impressed, Erik - such a special book that has a wonderful message and really captured my son's imagination and heart. I am hoping I can buy some more signed copies from you!!! Any chance I can purchase 5 more? If so, let me know! I took a few pictures of him enjoying your book so you can see how much joy it brought him. Yeah! "

It's so gratifying to help instill the love of reading into a child!  Thank you!!

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the first book, The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly, e-mail me at:  $6.99 plus $2.00 S&H.  Thanks!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

PiBoIdMoing it up and MS's

Wow.  I'm finding so much inspiration from PiBoIdMo!  Today is November 10th, and I have 10 ideas!  10/10 so far.  I don't get an idea each day.  Sometimes I'll get a couple, sometimes a few.  But the key is persistence.

 Don't stop!  Can't stop! Won't stop!  Never stop!  Keep writing, keep creating.

That's my motto.  It's working so far, and I don't plan on stopping.  How do you get better at writing?  You write.  What else?  Critique groups, writing groups, reading about writing, and more writing.

12x12 Picture Book Challenge has been inspiring as well.  The 12x12 challenge is to write 12 picture book manuscripts in 12 months.  Right now, I'm at 13 PB manuscripts, 1 poem, and 1 kids chapter book.  Because of 12x12 and its member, I have mustered to join a critique group.  In fact, I now belong to three groups (one is sporadic, the other two are small), one of which I run.  I have seen my writing grow exponentially since I began with 12x12 back in late January.  I can not wait to sign up for next year!!

I've been working on a PB MS dealing with the loss of a loved one for the past couple weeks.  It's been a wonderful, sometimes tear filled, experience.  It may be a what have you done for me lately, but right now it's my favorite PB MS and I think it will be a winner once all is said and done.  Once I feel it is 'done' I want to send it to Rate Your Story for a professional critique on one of their 'free' submission days.  I may buy a speedpass for it, too.  We'll see.  Their professional option sounds wonderful, but it's the $$ upfront.

Have you ever submitted to RYS?

I did- I submitted one about a month ago and got a 4 (remember 10-1 scale) and was happy with the comments I received.  They were helpful!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

PiBoIdMo: So far, so good...

Well, PiBoIdMo is underway and we are on day 3.  So far I have 4 ideas, so I'm a bit ahead.  I'm hoping to peruse some nature photos to come up with more ideas, and also head over to and check out some amazing art to see what pops up in my brain.

I'm really enjoying this challenge.  I'm not sure how many of my ideas I will turn into a picture book manuscript, but I'm hoping a few will make the cut.  From there, having one winner of a manuscript out of thirty ideas would be fab-u-tastic!

Speaking of winners, I think I have one winner of a manuscript.  My plan over the next week is to get it out to some more agents.  I've only sent it to two so far, and that's not acceptable.  I need to get my butt in gear!  I've got a few more agents in mind, but I'd like to get it out to 6-7 more by next Monday.  I heard back and got a fantastic no (yes, that combo is possible!!) and have not heard back from the second.

Has anyone out there gotten their first agent or publishing deal this year?  Tell me about it!!