Monday, November 10, 2014

PiBoIdMoing it up and MS's

Wow.  I'm finding so much inspiration from PiBoIdMo!  Today is November 10th, and I have 10 ideas!  10/10 so far.  I don't get an idea each day.  Sometimes I'll get a couple, sometimes a few.  But the key is persistence.

 Don't stop!  Can't stop! Won't stop!  Never stop!  Keep writing, keep creating.

That's my motto.  It's working so far, and I don't plan on stopping.  How do you get better at writing?  You write.  What else?  Critique groups, writing groups, reading about writing, and more writing.

12x12 Picture Book Challenge has been inspiring as well.  The 12x12 challenge is to write 12 picture book manuscripts in 12 months.  Right now, I'm at 13 PB manuscripts, 1 poem, and 1 kids chapter book.  Because of 12x12 and its member, I have mustered to join a critique group.  In fact, I now belong to three groups (one is sporadic, the other two are small), one of which I run.  I have seen my writing grow exponentially since I began with 12x12 back in late January.  I can not wait to sign up for next year!!

I've been working on a PB MS dealing with the loss of a loved one for the past couple weeks.  It's been a wonderful, sometimes tear filled, experience.  It may be a what have you done for me lately, but right now it's my favorite PB MS and I think it will be a winner once all is said and done.  Once I feel it is 'done' I want to send it to Rate Your Story for a professional critique on one of their 'free' submission days.  I may buy a speedpass for it, too.  We'll see.  Their professional option sounds wonderful, but it's the $$ upfront.

Have you ever submitted to RYS?

I did- I submitted one about a month ago and got a 4 (remember 10-1 scale) and was happy with the comments I received.  They were helpful!!

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