Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Next Adventure of Kona and His Friends is Moving Along!

The amazingly talented Jennifer Frith has been working hard on the illustrations for The Lost Squirrel, the next book in The Adventures of Kona and his Friends series.  She sent me this illustration earlier today:
Bella in flight
I am continuously awestruck with Jennifer's talent.  She is somehow able to put into water color how I envision the story unfolding.  In this scene, Bella is flying over the forest where Oscar's home was cut down.

I was also sent this image recently from the mom of a new fan:
Loving The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly
And here's what Mom had to say:
"So, wanted to give you some great feedback on your amazing book! He absolutely LOVES it. We read it together the first time (he read it to me and we discussed it as we went along). He said after the first few pages "This seems like it will be a sad book!" and then as we went along we talked about their friendship and why he was feeling the way he was. Then, he got so excited about how he was able to help his friends escape. We talked about the moral of the story and he totally got it the first time! And, he loved the illustrations and was thrilled to write his name on the first page in the oval. I saw him pick up the book several times over the next few days happily reading along and even wanted his big sisters to take a look. I am so impressed, Erik - such a special book that has a wonderful message and really captured my son's imagination and heart. I am hoping I can buy some more signed copies from you!!! Any chance I can purchase 5 more? If so, let me know! I took a few pictures of him enjoying your book so you can see how much joy it brought him. Yeah! "

It's so gratifying to help instill the love of reading into a child!  Thank you!!

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the first book, The Rabbit Who Wished He Could Fly, e-mail me at:  $6.99 plus $2.00 S&H.  Thanks!!

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