Saturday, December 6, 2014

What a day!

What a busy day!

I met with my first in person critique group. I was just to get to know each other- no MS sharing yet- but we talked about writing for about two hours. It left me feeling excited to meet again (though it won't be for a couple months) and wanting to write!

I went through a pdf of The Lost Squirrel, my latest children's self publishing effort illustrated by the amazing Jennifer Frith, checking for word placement

I wrote a PB MS and revised (a bit) two others. The MS I wrote was one of the ideas I got from PiBoIdMo. Tomorrow I want to rank my ideas to see if any others are good ones.

I got this back as part of an e-mail from an on-line critique group member "Thank you for the privilege of reading it." Wow! That made my day!!

And? I just submitted a PB MS to an author and his publisher for approval to use a quote from his book in the MS. Of course I'm hoping the publisher will love it and want to sign me to a PB deal!!

Now? Not sure...maybe a movie, maybe some idea creation time, maybe a bit of both.

Either way, I've got a warm fire in the fireplace, a cat on my lap, and the christmas tree lights are on. The sound of the flames (and the keyboard) is amazingly peaceful (sorry, Mr. King, for the use of the adverb).

How was your day?

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