Monday, December 8, 2014

Writing can be soooo easy (insert eyeroll...)

No, it's not really, not all the time anyway.  Some days the words just flow.  Other days I stare at the screen, or my journal, and all I can think is...uuuuuummmmmmmmm...hhhhmmmmmmmm...

I saw this picture on Jennifer Frith's FB page and couldn't help but think, "Some days, it's just like this!"

"This is awesome!" You have the great idea that 'can't miss.'  You get to writing, your ideas are flowing and swirling all around your brain, and it seems like the story is just going to shoot right out of your brain, through your fingers, onto the paper.

"This is tricky..." As you type, the story doesn't quite flow like you thought.  You begin to have trouble with the wording, the right verbs.  What sounded perfect in your brain, just doesn't seem the same.  Getting your thoughts and images onto paper is not quite as easy as you thought.

"This is crap."  Ug, your story just doesn't seem to work.  It sucks.  You're ready to give up, but you still have more in your head, so you just keep banging on the keyboard like a monkey with a typewriter.  You don't even know if what you have is going to make sense...

"I am crap!"  Now you're just getting personal.  That monkey on the right?  Yeah, he's smarter than us.  That awesome idea?  It was the dumbest thing ever.  NOW it's time to move on!

"This might work."  Ok, so you've come back to that 'next great story' and decided to work on it again.  You hashed it out, you thought it sucked and you walked away.  It happens.  Sometimes you need to give those frustrating moments some time alone; time to think about what they did wrong :)  You get your journal back out, or open up for story file and get back to typing.  You read through your story and new ideas pop up.  Now it doesn't seem so bad.  This might be worthwhile.

"This is awesome!"  Wow!  Now it sounds like I wanted it!  It may have been a couple, or a dozen revisions, but you never gave up on the great idea you had.  You worked your butt off and your determination has been rewarded!  Your piece is exactly what you were hoping for!

Yeah, I have those moments, too.  How about you?  What do you do when you get stuck?

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