Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Journal Challenge Week 2

Written January 10th, 2015, Saturday.  Week 2, 2015 Journal Challenge.

I don't remember seeing this quote before, until about twenty seconds before I started writing.  There is a lot of truth in Helen Keller's words.  When we see a beautiful photograph, an amazing vista, hear an awesome piece of music, it resonates deep within our hearts.  It may move us, it may inspire us, but it is more than just a visual, auditory or tactile feeling.

This quote goes deeper than that for me.


Love, to me, fits that quote.  Love is the best and most beautiful thing in the world.

Love can be inspiring.  We desire to express it in some creative fashion- a song, a painting, a poem, story, sculpture, sketch, or photograph.

Love can be humbling.  We find ourselves giving unconditionally to the person to whom our heart has been given.

For me, that is my wife, Jane.  She is the best and most beautiful thing in the world.  Though I can see and touch her, my love for her cannot; it can only be felt in my heart.

The challenge for you, in week two, is to write your favorite quote and what it means to you.  You may also look for a new one, like I did.

I have a feeling I'll be journaling more on this topic.  This was my third entry this week :)

Happy journaling!

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