Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Journal Challenge Week 4

Sometimes when I'm in a blah mood, I find it hard to think of things I'm grateful for.  I usually get out of a funk with humor (or coffee).  But I decided to write a list of things I'm grateful for instead:

  • My wife and her selflessness: she's currently in Haiti on a mission trip
  • My son and his helpfulness: he came out and helped shovel without being asked.
  • My daughter and her courage to try new things.  She borrowed a friend's snowboard and rocked it!   She was even able to land some jumps.
  • Her laugh is a killer, too
  • I'm grateful for the cat on my lap, snoozing away.
  • I'm grateful for the birds picking at the little trees outside our window.  I can see their silhouettes flitting in and out of view against the sunset, through the sheer white curtains.
They were dancing back and forth for quite a while!
  • Finding that I love journaling.  I created this challenge for myself to make myself branch out into different styles of writing, but I'm really enjoying it.
  • Firefly Bookstore in Kutztown: I love this little bookstore- they take trade-ins and have a huge selection of new and used fantasy books.
  • Town Bookcenter and Cafe- I love this little bookstore in Collegeville, PA.  Both Town and Firefly sell my self-published children's book, too!
  • This journal I'm writing in, well, the cover really.  Though, I love all my journals!
  • The 12x12 Picture Book Challenge community I belong to!  They are amazingly supportive and inspiring.
  • My wife for pushing me and my family for helping come up with ideas when I feel stuck.
  • Our house- though we realize we will eventually move to something smaller, this old stone house and its woodwork are gorgeous.  Plus, we have an amazing view of the sunrise and sunsets!
  • Coffee- just cuz!  I've found I don't need its caffeine kick, but its just freaking good!
The smile has returned.  I will make a note of gratitude in my entries as I go, wether it's my entry for my on-line journal or one that doesn't get added here.
  • Oh!  Sledding!  It was so much fun today!!


  1. What a great list. It is great to think about things you're thankful for and list them out every now and again.

    1. It was nice to do and I'll definitely do it once a month or so :)