Thursday, January 29, 2015


It's funny I decided to begin this during the commercials of The Simpsons.  Why?  The episode is about Elon Musk coming to Springfield in search of inspiration.  I'm not sure how the episode will turn out, or how Musk will find inspiration, but I'm going to write about my inspirations.

Where do I find my inspiration?

I don't know...stuff just kind of comes to me.  Really.  What?  You don't buy that?  neither do I.

I find it wherever I can.

The coffee shop.

A book.

In my classroom.

On-line illustrator site (Storybird).

My family.

My critique group.

My brain.

When the inspiration strikes for an idea, you have to make sure you write it down.  I usually have a journal handy, but if not, I use the notes ap on my phone, or I'll talk into a video.  Talking into a video can help with brainstorming, too.  If I start talking about one thing, other ideas may pop up and I can keep rambling form one idea to the next, or to expand on an idea.

If I'm at my computer and I have the time, I'll write out the story from start to finish without editing along the way.  When that inspiration strikes, you have to just write and get all your thoughts down.  If you stop too long or too much, you may ruin your momentum and end up stopping.  That'd just stink.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

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