Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Journal From In Blue Handmade!

I got my new journal yesterday from In Blue Handmade  on for the 2015 journal challenge I've set up for myself.  I have to say, this journal is worth every penny!

I got the basic large journal, which consists of the reusable leather, handmade cover and a journal, either lined or unlined (I chose lined).  I did a custom order for the cover.  I went with the old style typewriter and a quote from Neil Gaiman.  The first ten words are free, then it's $1 per word after.  I had some money saved up, so I went for it with the quote I wanted, even though it added $14 more to the was totally worth it:

Front cover with Neil Gaiman quote
The journal is amazingly soft, very well cut and stitched.  The lettering is outstanding and the typewriter image is perfect!  Now if I could only find a working one of those cheap...

Close up of the cut and stitching: all excellent!

Inside front view
Best of all, our cat, Kona, loves the leather strap used to wrap the journal closed.  The strap is attached in the back and seems very sturdy.

Kona approved :)

Overall, I'd highly recommend them if you're in the market for a new journal cover and you'd like to have some freedom of what you'd like on the cover.  There's nothing like buying a high quality handmade product, from a small business, and being able to design some of it your way :)

Edit: I forgot to mention!  The journal was, unexpectedly, hard covered and 250 pages!  So much bigger than I expected (In a good way!!!).  It measures 8x5, too!

Now onto the challenge :)  First post coming up this Sunday night!!

P.S. Sorry about the lousy phone images...I'm sure you'll see more of this journal in better images as the year goes on!

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