Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This word has so many different meanings.

First, I was granted permission from an author to use a line from their book in my picture book manuscript.  I was so excited to get this e-mail!  I really love this PB MS- yeah, I know, it's my own, but I do have some of mine that I don't like, or am kinda blah about.  But this one, I think will be one to help me get an agent.

Another form is one we need to give ourself.  We need to give ourselves permission to be creative, to take that time for ourselves, for what makes us happy.  I have given myself permission to take time to write after work, to revise my work, and to take time to critique others work as well.

We need to give ourselves permission to suck, permission to excel, permission to take the chance and put our work out there for others to see and love, or hate, and be ok with that.

Giving myself permission to put myself out there despite my fears was one of the best things I did in 2013 with self publishing my first children's early reader, then with joining the 12x12 Picture Book Challenge.  From there, I gave myself permission to post work on the site to get critiqued (well, the first 250 words at least) and then to join a critique group- that one was huge.  Joining a critique group was one of the best things I've done for my writing, and I'm thrilled I gave myself that permission.  I even thought about leaving the group after the first round- I felt that I could not give to others as they were giving to me, but I stuck with it and learned a lot.  I have since joined another critique group, and run and on-line critique group through Eastern PA SCBWI.

This year, I give myself permission to keep sending out PB MSs to multiple agents at a time!  I thought I had sent a lot out last year, but when I looked back at my list, I really hadn't.  This is the biggest one for me :)

I am also giving myself permission to journal, and to post one of my journal entries each Sunday for the whole year (check out my 2015 Journal Challenge page!).

So, give yourself permission to take chances, to put your work out there, to take time for yourself to do what you love.

What have you given yourself permission for?  What are you going to give yourself permission for?

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