Sunday, February 8, 2015

50 Things That Make me Happy: Week 6

This week's prompt is a simple one: a list of 50 things that make you happy!

  1. M playing soccer
  2. Hearing C play the trumpet
  3. The warmth that emanates from my wife
  4. Coffee
  5. My Tinkerbell mugs
  6. This journal
  7. Writing
  8. A finished manuscript
  9. The Walking Dead (premier tonight!)
  10. Kona snuggled up on my lap
  11. My kids playing
  12. My kids playing together
  13. A clean house
  14. Finishing a ride on the rollers
  15. The Drizzt series by RA Salvatore
  16. Seeing that there is a new podcast to listen to
  17. A good song to sing out loud to!
  18. My Fiat
  19. Traveling
  20. The warmth of the sun
  21. Thinking about running on the trails
  22. A fire in the fireplace
  23. Reading on the grass (ummm...when it's warm)
  24. Getting my head scratched
  25. Sending out a query (but I hate waiting!!!)
  26. Seeing my book in a bookstore
  27. Seeing someone reading my book
  28. Beer and fries for dinner at the Phils game
  29. My mug at the Fleetwood Grille (yes, I have a numbered mug at a bar)
  30. Slightly steamed broccoli
  31. Thumper
  32. The Toy Story Mania ride at Disney
  33. The smell of fresh cut grass
  34. Sea Isle City
  35. Disney
  36. A new book
  37. The recliners at the movie theater
  38. Watching the Eagles
  39. Paris- Roubaix (Spring Classic bike race)
  40. Good family stories
  41. Going to a coffee chop
  42. Going to a bookstore
  43. Going to a USED bookstore
  44. Pens
  45. Sharpie pens and fine point markers
  46. When things click for my students
  47. Grapes
  48. A hot bowl of homemade vegan chili
  49. Clif bars!
  50. Clif mocha gel shots
  51. My La Sportiva Crosslites (trail running shoes- I gotta get my knee able to run!!!)
That's your challenge for this week!  Make a list of 50 (or more) things that make you happy!

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