Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gut reaction...then reality

I know rejections are part of the game.  I expect to get so many more rejections before getting a 'Yes.'  I don't want to, but I know they'll come.  Just like I know that 'Yes' will come.

But this story is one that I think/thought/think will bring that, 'Yes!'

But not after the latest rejection.  After reading it, my stomach turned.  I felt like I wasted the agent's time.  I felt like I'd been wasting my own time over the past year.  I wanted to give up, to never write a picturebook manuscript again; t.o go back to writing fantasy and self-publishing.  There was no way the story was that bad.

That gut reaction to the rejection was that bad.  I feel it in my stomach again as I write this.

Then reality set in.  I read it to my wife and talked about it.

There were some VERY positive things said about the MS.

The negatives?  They weren't pot shots, but VERY constructive criticism.  This was definitely NOT a form letter.  I now feel like I got a professional critique, because that's what it was.  This agent rejected my MS, BUT, I got me some excellent advice from an insider.

I am waiting to hear from eight more agents on this story (you can read about my agent research here).

So, what do I do?

I take some advice I read here (seriously, read the post on that I plan on following once I get all the responses:

Sort through them all, look for common responses, and revise the story from there. 

Of course, I want one of them to say 'Yes' and follow along with their suggestions, but if not, I have a plan.

How about you?  Have you gotten a rejection that left an immediate gut reaction like mine?  What did you do?

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