Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Researching for your work

I'm writing this post having very little knowledge of how writers "do research", but I'm not going to let that stop me.

There's a story in our family about a relative's best friend and her life in WWI.  Without giving too much away, it's a romance set in France, back to America, then tragedy striking in France in WWII.  It's a story I've only heard once, but really struck a cord.  I have a WWI service medal from her husband that I made a shadow box for to honor him, and all veterans, really.

Yesterday, it hit me: it needs to be told.

I've not read a lot at all in this genre (WWI/II and romance) but I'm excited about the prospect of doing the research and attempting this challenge.

This story wants to be written.

It's a definite LOOOOONG term project that is going to take a lot of patience on my part.  I'm going to start off with reading.  I already have a couple books in mind, but I'll be looking for more material to consume over the next year+

I also plan on including museum stops, and interviews with family familiar with the story for any tidbits of information I can gleam.  Once I get more information from them, it'll be back to researching the specific town and what was going on around this town in WWI and WWII.

Even writing this down, putting it out there is exciting!  Nerve wracking, but exciting!

Have you ever done major research for a book?  Do you have any tips?

I've only done a bit here and there, but nothing that took more than an hour, let alone a year or more!

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