Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 12 2015 Journal Challenge: What Season?

Well?  If you could only live in one season, which would it be, and why?

I thought I'd go for something more fun since a few have been heavier.  I did have a couple deeper entries, though, this week, including more thankfulness in an entry about writing thankfulness.

Give me one season all year long, and I'll choose Spring every time.  From beginning to end, four seasons a year, give me Spring!

I'm fine without seeing the leaves change.  I'm fine without massive snowstorms.  I'll even give up my snowblower.

Early season coolness, some snow to, possibly, sled in, maybe even enough to make a small snowman and have a snowball fight.  Good enough for me.

Jeans, sweatshirts, and a light jacket in the beginning, maybe even some gloves and a hat, to shorts and a t-shirt at the end.  Spring means a lot of time back outside watching the flowers bloom and leaves grow.  OK, maybe that wouldn't happen each Spring beginning since it's Spring each season, but it would be nice :)

I'd love sitting outside and watching the birds, drinking coffee, writing and napping in the hammock.  The windows open in our house and the windows down in our cars.  The perennial feeling of a new beginning with each season, without the Winter doldrums I find hitting me harder this year than it has in years.

I've found this Winter's grayness, snow, and constant cold to have left me unmotivated to do many things: write, read, sled, just get off my ass, and that hasn't happened since, probably, 2007 or even longer than that (though other years it includes running, swimming and riding on my rollers).

Spring changes this.  Even now, even with the snow we had on Friday, the first day of Spring, I can feel the change.  Maybe it started with the clock switch (can we get rid of that yet?  Just keep it how it is now!!), maybe with the mental ending of Winter, but either way, I'll take it and I'll take Spring all day, all year long.

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