Thursday, June 25, 2015

Perceived Writing Slump

I feel like I haven't done much writing at all over the past couple months, no, the past few months+.  I rode the high of the #SCBWIepa event from May for a few weeks, but really not much seems to have been going on since then or from before that time.


What have I done?

Well, so far this year, I have written six picture book manuscripts and one early reader.  That's pretty productive.  I've also edited/ revised many others.  But, like I said, I don't seem to have been as productive as I thought I was.  Even in the past week I wrote a new PB manuscript and edited/revised a few others.  Of course being at the beach helps.  While I'm not a fan of sitting on the beach, I do love the view and the sounds.

A horrible journal, with a pin attached, and a cup of coffee...

I've written in my journal almost weekly, though I did give up on posting the journal entries on here. It seemed a waste of precious time to write them in my journal, then type them onto here.  I may leave that page up and write on it freely, as a journal, but just change the name of the page.  I still love my journal, and although it was going to get filled with the traveling we were going to do this summer, the filling will still happen, though the traveling will not.  Unfortunately, we had a major house issue pop up and that wiped out our money.  We did, as a result, end up with a new floor, though my knees are still recovering, in our kitchen and our new library (former kids' play room):

Cork! It's so soft, and eco friendly.  It's supposed to be nice and warm, too.
I also added an extra thick layer of insulated vapor barrier.
Now we have a nice quiet library to read and write in.  our cat doesn't like it so much, though.  He tends to slide on the new cork when he runs, plus he's getting old and has a bad back hip/leg.  He tends to drift through his turns like a dirt track race car.  We still have a few finishing touches (putting the quarter round back in place and touching up the red, and finishing off the two small closets) but it's basically done.

So, the writing continues, progressing slowly, but better than when I first really thought back on it.  I have a lot more time this summer, too, to work on pieces and getting them to a nice, fine polish.

Oh!  I did get an e-mail back from an agent.  We talked o the phone for a bit, too, about one of my manuscripts.  I'm working on the suggestions they made and will be resubmitting it when I think it's ready!

and don't forget:

I have an author event at Studio B in Boyertown on June 28th from 2-4 P.M.  I'll be talking about my experiences in self-publishing, as well as sharing part(s) of one or both books.  I'll also have autographed copies up for sale!

I'm also going to be at the Boyertown library on August 13th from 11:00 to 12:00 for a picture book reading.  I'll also be selling autographed copies of my book at the event as well.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LOTS to catch up on!

Holy cow!  It's been TWO MONTHS since I posted on here!

What's new?

1.  Well?  The Lost Squirrel is LIVE on Barnes and Noble and on Amazon!!  Please check it out and order your copy today!!  The only thing is that the cover never showed up for either, so I did it myself.  And?  Well, the colors are off for the greens.  They look florescent and they aren't in the book!!!  I just need to switch the file type and try again :)

2.  I had my first school author program!!!  It was, I feel, fairly decent for a first one!  I sold about 80 copies combined of both books, the audience came up with some great questions, and the H&S gave me a gift card to Lowes (and I bought and installed a faucet for the kitchen with it :) ).  I feel like my pacing was a bit off, though.  I think I went too fast, and one of the big laugh I was hoping for missed at both presentations (K-2, 3-4).

3.   I went to my first SCBWI event and it was AWESOME!!  I connected with an author, learned a lot from the critique-a-thon, and also from my one-one PB MS critique.

4.  I have an author event at Studio B in Boyertown on June 28th from 2-4 P.M.  I'll be talking about my experiences in self-publishing, as well as sharing part(s) of one or both books.  I'll also have autographed copies up for sale!

So, in a nutshell, that's been the past two months!!!!!

What's new with you??