Thursday, July 9, 2015



Something that I struggle with in my writing...

Something that I have come to embrace...

What do I mean?  My ability to focus on a story to really "finish" it.

What do I mean by finish?

I mean, make it polished enough, outstanding enough, to have that readability, draw, the "it" that agents are looking for in order to be published.

I can finish stories- I have 28 picture book to middle grade manuscripts with a couple dozen more ideas running through my head/ jotted down in journals and on Scrivener.

How many of those do I consider finished?  I'd say...0.  But, I have a half dozen that are very, very close...or may be finished in the right agents eye- I just haven't found them yet :) - as this is a very subjective process.

I have one that I've been working on.  I had a phone call with an agent about the PB MS, and he gave me some ideas to help the story along.

I've been working on these- I hired a phenomenal editor (Carrie Charlie Brown) who gave me some excellent ideas- and she really liked the story, too :)

I'm in the process of "finalizing" the story and then it'll be off to my critique group.

From there, it'll be more revisions (or not?!?!?) and then back to the agent who asked to see it again when it's "done"!

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