Friday, July 17, 2015

My writing's moving along...

But I guess it always is!

I've made major revisions to a few much liked stories of mine that have changed them significantly.  I have more to do, too.

The story I've been focusing on has been revised big time.  I'm sending it to my critique group on Monday and will be getting feedback from them all within two weeks.  Then it's back to Carrie Charley Brown for it's follow-up editing and read through and from there, after any revisions, back to the agent who requested it!

Sometimes it's hard to make major changes to a story you love.  I think that's why I've had a hard time focusing long enough on one manuscript long enough to make it really, really submission worthy.  Don't get me wrong, I've sent stories out, but have only gotten rejections, except for the one "I'd like to see it again after it's been revised" that I got a month ago.

Lately I've been on a groove and have tackled some of these major changes that our much beloved stories sometimes need.  I have a couple more stories that I've avoided tackling that will be taken out in the next few days.

Ok, maybe not quite tackled and taken out like this...

Hmmm...don't know why, but now I feel like watching a match...good thing there's a national championship caliber collegiate team a few minutes away (Kutztown University- they had 4 All Americans and one player who is just started playing for the US National Team!!)

Sorry, got a bit off track.  What was I talking about?  Oh, yeah, writing...

I've been hitting the journal a lot lately, too.  Mostly to brain dump, but it's been helping.  Brain dumping is something my wife does every morning in her notebooks.  It helps clear your mind of what ever may be inside of it blocking the creative juices from flowing.  Since I started doing that, I feel like it's been easier destroying my darlings and creating something new from the ashes.  Ok, that's a bit about revamping them and making them even better :)

Yeah, I like that.  

Do you brain dump at all?  How's your writing been?

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