Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nice Rejections

Getting a "YES!!" from an agent is, of course, the ultimate goal, of any aspiring traditionally published author.  You need that agent to help you get your manuscript into many different publishing houses- I only know of a few that accept unsolicited submissions (I have a list of a few for kid's books if you're interested!).

Barring not getting a "YES!!" it is nice to get some positive feedback.  I've had a few positives.  One thought the PB MS was very funny, but they were not taking on any PB writers, another liked the strong voice and very clever, but didn't like the non-standard English.

I'm still working at it, still getting picture book manuscripts written and edited each month, still submitting to agents despite all the rejections.  Still hoping for that, "YES!!"

And when I get it (cuz it is a question of when, not if), I will be shouting it out on here!

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