Saturday, October 24, 2015

PiBoIdMo NaNoWriMo NoShaveNov

Ok, so that last one, I made up the abbreviation acronym.

There are strange things afoot' at the Circle K...
We watched this last night with my 10 y/o daughter...she liked it :)
err, I mean there are lots of things going on this November.

And, I may take them all on.

No Shave November?  That's the easiest- I'd rather not shave, my wife and son don't mind...but my daughter hates it.  Plus, it'll help raise money for ridding the world of cancer.

NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month.  The goal is to write 50,000 words for a novel in one month.  This does not, of course, mean the novel is done.  It's to help inspire you to get the words down and NOT worry about editing while you go...that's nothing but a momentum killer.  For me, I'd like to get a chapter book or two done for the 2nd-4th grade level.  I know that's a huge range of reading ability, but I'm not sure where this first book is going yet.  Once I get BIC (Butt In Chair), and start typing, I'll know more.

PiBoIdMo? Picture Book Idea Month.  30 ideas in 30 days.  I ended up in the mid thirties last year, I think.  I did use a few for actual manuscripts, one I love dearly, and that's all you can hope for.  The ideas can be a character, a plot, location, line, etc.  Any kind of idea that can be used or turned into a picture book.

So, that's the month.

Are you tackling any of these?

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