Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Something tells me I've blogged about focus before...Oh, look!  Here and here and here.  Do you sense a common theme in my brain?

Well, this time it's a different kind of focus.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.

I have always had trouble putting in proper focus for extended periods of time on specific picturebook manuscripts.  I did put the time and effort (even hired an editor!) on one that I love.  Now?  I'm shopping it around to agents as I think it is ready for traditional publishing.

Now, I have 34 different manuscripts written for different children's books stories from picture book to beginning chapter book.  I have another chapter book that I'm working on now as well as ideas for much more.

Are they all going to be great?  Hell no!  Some are "practice", "trunkers", or "trash" whatever term you'd like to use for when you come up with an idea, write it into a manuscript, and think, "Oh God, what the hell is that?"

Practice manuscripts.

There are some that I think will be good with focus and time, and eventually head off to the critique group, worked on more, and maybe hiring Carry Charlie Brown again, too, to help with the editing process.

So, from those manuscripts that I think can go from good to outstanding, I narrowed it to three to start with, and then one to really love on first.

See?  I TOLD you it was a different kind of focus!!

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