Sunday, December 13, 2015

Year in Review

I thought I would've posted more over the past month, but life got in the way.  We currently have our house op for sale, and are looking to downsize.  So, we've really been thinking about, and getting rid/giving away some more things.  We've done the pairing down before, so it hasn't been that bad.  Now we're looking at the furniture we have, and what things we'd be happy to get rid of, and what we'd really like to keep in a smaller home.  Now we just need a buyer for our house, as we've seen two that we've really liked.

So, back to writing.  I've been writing, and editing, and submitting since my last post, but just haven't taken the time to post on here.

Since my last post, I completed PiBoIdMo with a final tally of 34 ideas, wrote 3400 words for an early chapter book, and written three picture book manuscripts.  I feel like I'm always writing new PB MSs.

Over the course of the year, I wrote 14 new ones, as well as a few dozen total ideas.  My brain keeps going, keeps writing.  Idea generation has never been an issue with me, it's just 'finishing'.  Getting that story to a state where it really is complete.

I do feel that I have one that is, finally, at a point of 'finishedness' and a few others on the way.  I made some major changes to a few manuscripts I really like (cuz, you know, we all have faves), and have a few more I want to get some major work done on.

I submitted to many different agents, and still have a revised version of a story out with one agent who wanted to see it after some changes, and also have a few recent submissions I'm waiting to hear about from October and November.

No submissions in December and January!  I've heard it's the time of year to avoid, and I plan on avoiding it again.

I'll have another post before 2016 begins with my goals.  I have an idea of what I want to accomplish (besides get agent representation!!) next year.

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