Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Goals

Yeah, that accountability post a month ago?  The last one on here I wrote?  Yup!  Didn't happen :)  That's not me at all- not that I don't want to be accountable, the whole idea isn't me.

So, onto my goals for 2016:

1. Get an agent (simple enough :) )
2. Said agent sells a manuscript to a publisher (for me in case you weren't sure...also, simple enough ;) )
3. Write at least one picture book manuscript each month (ok, that's an easy one...I didn't say they had to be good, did I?)
4. Revise at least one PB MS each month (yeah, easy, too...but how about major changes?  See 5)
5. Make major revisions to my top 5 PB MSs
6. Finish 2-3 middle grade novels
7. Revise 1 middle grade novel

That's it...not to hard :)

Oh, I already took care of goals three and four for January!

You'll see this image again...someday :)