Sunday, June 5, 2016

Almost Summer!!

This is something most kids and most teachers are thankful for:

The arrival of summer!

And I am, definitely, one of them.  Summer really is a time to recharge, to get rid of or change what didn't work, and create things that (hopefully) will work for the next year, attend meetings, write curriculum, move your classroom (for those, like me, who are moving to a new grade level or just a new room), and work another job. Oh!  Also getting ready for a NEW ELA curriculum!  And since I'm moving grade levels, new math, science, social studies, health...And also move- we're doing that, too.  It took nine months, but we finally sold our house!

For me, three jobs.  Writing (which doesn't pay a whole lot at all), my Teachers Pay Teachers store (which pays even less), and tutoring (which buys beer and Starbucks).

I still have two weeks left, but my kids are done in two days (lucky).

I'm hoping the summer will also recharge my writing.  It's really been non-existent for about a year, if not a bit more.  I've been writing a new MS, and some minor editing, but nothing consistent.  With that in mind, here are my goals from back in December:

1. Get an agent (simple enough :) ) NOPE
2. Said agent sells a manuscript to a publisher (for me in case you weren't sure...also, simple enough ;) ) NOPE
3. Write at least one picture book manuscript each month (ok, that's an easy one...I didn't say they had to be good, did I?) SO FAR SO GOOD
4. Revise at least one PB MS each month (yeah, easy, too...but how about major changes? See 5) YUPPERS!
5. Make major revisions to my top 5 PB MSs 0/5
6. Finish 2-3 middle grade novels NADA
7. Revise 1 middle grade novel Nuh-uh

So, overall, not so good.  That's why I'm so looking forward to the summer

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