Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Feeling the Itch...

I've been feeling the itch to write fantasy again!  I know which story I want to work on, again, and may also work on another story that would be a second in a self published series.  I took the first down since I wanted to focus on children's books and these are DEFINITELY NOT for kids :)  I plan on reworking it so they are published under a pseudonym.  
Time to edit...

And I really want to revise an early chapter book and see about sending it out, if I feel it's send out worthy, that is.  I've gone over bits here and there, but really want to give it a good run through for a couple different things- basic line edit, and also a timeline.  Then go into what works and what doesn't work, what to trash, and what to save.

So, am I feeling like I'm getting back into a groove?  Into the writing and editing mode?  Well, for now, I'd say yes!

Hopefully it'll last!  I'm looking forward to time at the beach to get some things done (9 days till the beach!!).

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