Saturday, July 23, 2016


It seems my slump has left the building.  I'm not sure what it was.  It may have been finally taking a significant amount of time for myself, thanks to my daughter's four hour a day soccer camp that was about an hour away- just far enough away to not merit driving back home.  So, two of the days I spent at Starbucks, another day at a local book store/coffee shop and the fourth day at a local donut shop (I didn't eat any- and their coffee sucked) and then a local library afterwards.  

It wasn't just those four days.  It's only Saturday now, but I wrote and revised yesterday and today as well.  Over the past six days, I've written two picture book manuscripts, revised an 8700 word early chapter book, revised a query letter for a picture book that needed a lot of help, and wrote a query letter for the CB MS that I revised.  I also helped a writing friend with editing the first ten pages of her middle grade chapter book, and gave advice in an on-line writing forum to a few query letters.  All of that combined with massive packing and hauling boxes and various other items to the UNIT storage pod in preparation for our move on WEDNESDAY!!!

Here's an update on my 2016 goals:

1. Get an agent (simple enough :) ) NOPE
2. Said agent sells a manuscript to a publisher (for me in case you weren't sure...also, simple enough ;) ) NOPE
3. Write at least one picture book manuscript each month (ok, that's an easy one...I didn't say they had to be good, did I?) Easy?  Oooops...I didn't write one in June
4. Revise at least one PB MS each month (yeah, easy, too...but how about major changes? See 5) Still doing this one!!!
5. Make major revisions to my top 5 PB MSs: still: 0/5
6. Finish 2-3 middle grade novels: Still nope (0-2/3).
7. Revise 1 middle grade novel YES!  Well, the one I had in mind was an early chapter book.  

6 and 7 really should be early chapter books, not middle grade.  And yes, there's a big difference!!!

I hope you've all been productive as well!!  Happy writing!