Tuesday, October 18, 2016

IPad Pro Writing Set-Up

I was at the point where I needed to get a new laptop.  I was going to go
with a Macbook Air for it's lightness.  My old Macbook Pro was the oldest computer in the house, the battery was lasting only about 20 minutes, and it was just going slower and slower.  One day my wife suggested looking into an iPad Pro and a keyboard.  I was hesitant at first, mostly because of my love of Scrivener.  Was it available for ios (YES!), would it be easy to synchronize with my laptop turned desktop (YES)?

Well, as you can guess, since the answer was yes to both of those questions, I dove right in ordered one.  I also ordered a Logitech keyboard/ case that amazingly hooks up to the iPad via three little connector dots.  Between the and two (case and iPad) it weighs about as much as my old laptop, but for portability, size (smaller in size than my olde lapt opt), and size of the screen (the screen is bigger than I was going to get on a new laptop) AND the fact that writing was going to be just fine on the new digital device, make this, for me, the superior buy.  The battery capacity was just about the same as the Macbook I was going to get.

This is actually the third post I've written on the iPad.  There are some issues with blogger and images that I encountered, but I'll eventually look up a fix for that (hopefully there is one!).  I can get the images in fine via cut and paste, just resizing and moving it around are more difficult.

Scrivener has been awesome once I figured out what I thought was a glitch, but happened only andbecause I had a double of a file.  I won't get into it in too much detail as I may do a total Scrivener post detailing my love for the program and how it works, and how I use it.

So, the iPad has helped rekindle my writing spree, as well as taking the month off from writing. Now I'm working on getting organized for a successful NaNoWriMo!

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