Monday, October 17, 2016

The Love of the Lune

So, where was I...Oh!  Lunes!  I love lune poetry.  It's such a simple format.  Three words on the first line, five on the second line, and three for the third line. Sounds simple, but it really makes you think about your word choice; it makes you delve deep into your inner thesaurus.  It'll help with wording for picture book manuscripts, too...or vice versa...

The lunes are going well. I got another one added to the file today.  I think I'm at 12/365.  I should go number them now while I remember...and I'm back.  I got distracted by rating Spotify, too.  Yeah, the Lunes.  They're gonna be my next self published book.  I only have 353 left!!!  Woooo!!  Lune A Day...365 Days of Lunes....A Year in the Life of a Lune (ooooh....I like that). I'll go add that to the title now...Done!  I love having this iPad.  I may have to turn this into a post!!  Oh, I'll do that next!!

Yeah, so, this post originated in my Brain Toilet file on Pages on my iPad for my brain dumping, but I like it. Oh, my new iPad will be a post, too, as I got it for writing!!!  Sorry, my ADD is really kicking in at the moment. In fact, I'm using it right now, though I think I have to work on things for being able to effectively write posts on Blogger- any tips?  Let me know!!!!

Oh geez, there I go again...squirrel!

I seem to hear something, or think of that first, powerful three word line, and things flow from there.  It's almost like an association game for me: "What do you think of when you hear...?" And the rest of the Lune slowly comes to me.  I'm going to work on getting at least one done per day.  I had many on my old iPhone on the Hanx writer Ap, but unfortunately, I lost them all then I upgraded my phone- they didn't transfer over with the Ap itself.  I think I lost about 15-20 of them.  I think I'll be able to have them done before a year is up as I don't plan on writing just one per day- of course I may have days where I don't write any.

Do you have a form of writing that you love to write whether you have thoughts of publishing it or not?  Originally I hadn't thought about publishing it at all, but I'm really excited about it now!!

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