Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Xmas Comes Early!

It's an early Xmas!  I came home from work today, walked from the garage into the kitchen and THIS HAPPENED!

Yes!  That is a real manual typewriter!  I've been wanting one for a while, within out tight budget, but never really took time to look around.  Turns out my awesome wife has been looking at a few antique places nearby for over a year.  And guess what?  She found one!  Today!  It needs a good cleaning, and some new ribbon, but otherwise, it works PERFECTLY!  Even better, the ribbon is supposed to come tomorrow!  So, for now, I just enjoy playing with this beauty, waiting impatiently for the ribbon to come, then I'll give it a thorough cleaning, add tape, paper and creativity.

For the details, it's a 1960's Olympia De Luxe SM9 Portable typewriter.  Apparently it was the cat's meow of manual typewriters just before electric ones came out.  I also found a scan of an original user's manual on an Xavier University public database on-line!  I believe I may be using this for when I write my Lune Poetry book for self-publishing instead of the digital Hanx Writer I have been using once in a while for instagram posts.

Create on dreamers!!

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