Sunday, February 12, 2017

Many different genres

My love of books, and my ADD writing mind, has me working on a lot of different genres.  These include, but will probably not be limited to:
Poetry for adults
Poetry for children
Picture books
Picture storybooks
Early chapter books
Middle grade
YA Historical Fiction/ Romance
Fantasy Novellas for adults
Epic Fantasy for adults

I've been working on many different picture book manuscripts for future submission, cleaning up and submitting a chapbook of poetry, poems for adults, one for kids, editing a fantasy novella for adults, a humor book for adults, and the outline for a YA historical fiction/ romance during the month of February.

Have I taken on too much?  Nah, not really. I do bounce around a lot from one project to the next, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love writing, I love creating.  My mind keeps churning out ideas that want to be written, so I write them.  I do not want to be limited in any way whatsoever.  If I ever land an agent for PBs, I'm hoping they have connections in other areas as well.  But, you know, getting that agent is the life goal :)

How about you? Are you a multiple genre writer?