Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Long Time, No Write...on here...

So like the title says, long time, no write...on here...but oh I have been!  What have I done?

  1. I wrote a 31,000 word MG fantasy in less than three weeks.
  2. I finished the 365 lunes (I may have already mentioned that) but I've also edited it twice and have another set of eyes on it right now (and may ask for another!!).
  3. I have written 5 more PB manuscripts, and edited many...including one that I sent out to a contest after fast major editing!!!  So, that's another one ready!
  4. Discovered that I'm not a cruise fan...this cruise BROKE my writing streak that started back in September.  I'd written EVERY day from September until last week.
  5. Started a new writing streak (officially July 1, 2017).
  6. Have a set plan for editing that 31,000 MG fantasy story that I LOVE!
  7. Have edited The Lost Squirrel and need to finish formatting it for Polyethnic Publishing!
  8. Discovered that I've fallen out of love with writing in journals (I really hate transcribing).
  9. Done research for, and some minor outlining for another MG fantasy.
  10. Sent a chapbook of poems to a publishing company!
  11. Written and edited many poems.
Now for things that I NEED to do!

  1. Do those edits for the MG fantasy (going to a store in Kutztown to see about printing it)!
  2. Continue to edit and write PB manuscripts.
  3. Write every day.
  4. Do the formatting for The Lost Squirrel and send it in!
  5. Send the one PB MS out.
  6. Continue to write and edit poetry
  7. Continue to love what I do!