Thursday, August 24, 2017

{Insert Title Here}

Titles...they can be tough.  I've got a middle grade novel I'm working on and I've got no title for it.  Well, a couple ideas, but nothing worthy of being a Title.  I have a few items like that- poems, PBs, story ideas, shorts, etc.

Sometimes it's easy to come up with a title, it flies right out of your brain, through your fingers, and lands right there, on your page, adding glory to your creation...or, like often happens, it's the best part of your SFD.

This isn't even what I planned on writing...I was going to do a lot of random thoughts, like this paragraph type part, but titles clicked...until now...

Sometimes the title becomes inspired by the story, a character, a main idea...SOMETHING!  And, it works. Sometimes you come up with a title, stick with it because it seems okay, then the story changes...and the title does not, and it no longer works.  That's where I'm at with the MG story I'm working on.

But it's not just the title I'm stuck on, there's a whole boatload of crap wrong with it, and a ton that I need to add to it.

{Have I said this before?}

Got any special ways you come up with a title?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Slump

I've hit a slump.  I'm not sure where it came from, but it's hit me.  I haven't been writing as regularly as I was for the last ten months, I've missed a couple days here and there of writing, even into the Brain Dump.

At least I think it's a slump.  I feel unmotivated, but it's not for everything, just for that middle grade fantasy that's been calling me, that I'm avoiding a major overhaul of.  I did start yesterday.  I added a whopping 200 or so words.  That's not a lot, but it's more than nothing, more than I'd added to it over the past few weeks, anyway.

I've written a couple poems, free style and lune both. I typed on he olde Olympia typewriter and posted it to IG.  A nice political one that I wrote back in April that fits today (give me a follow on IG: @ErikAmmon13) as well.

So maybe I'm not in a total slump, just a bit of a temporary set back.

I did write my monthly SFD for 12x12, putting me at 17 or 18 SFDs for the year, though two have fleshed out quite nicely and have potential.

Like I said, I've written some poems, and some words for the MG story, so I'm progressing.  This is also my second post in a week :)

Must just be a temporary set back.  A hurdle to get over, and I'm just about there.

I hope you've been clearing your hurdles.  What do you do to get out of slumps?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Massive editing of a WIP

A few weeks ago my son was at a music camp at Lebanon Valley College (an absolutely beautiful school!).  Instead of driving back and forth over an hour, I decided I would hang out in the library (where else??) and work on a major editing of what I have of the framework for a middle grade fantasy.  I'd mentioned this in my last post, last month- it's the 31,000 word MS I wrote in March/April.  I was able to use a private room, with big windows, a large table, comfortable chairs, outlets and a HUGE whiteboard to work on!  Overall it was a success and I know what I need to work on next!  Here are some pics (whoops...I only had two):